Monday, March 14, 2011

New Water Bottles & Coffee Tumblers

I am extremely excited about our new section of what we at the office have been calling our “Everyday Items.” We have received many suggestions from customers all over the nation telling us they wanted us to develop more products with a Christian message that can be used on a daily basis. And we listened! We have a brand new line of reusable coffee tumblers and plastic and aluminum water bottles. Each beverage container not only serves to satisfy your hydration needs, but more importantly it is an expression of your faith while you’re in the office or out at the grocery store. I was at my local coffee shop and brought my tumbler in to get filled and the cashier was really impressed. It was a great conversation starter and we ended up talking for several minutes about Living Grace and Jesus Christ.

We have also developed a line of tissues that would be great to hand out at church or to bring to your child’s school. Priced much lower than the leading facial tissue, it really doesn’t make sense to pay for their brand name. And at the same time, you are able to spread the Christian faith to those around you! Our new adhesive bandages are both cute and motivational. The bright colors and exclusive designs will really catch your child’s eye, but the low price and Christian message are what will catch yours.

Visit to view our entire selection of church supplies and Christian goods and to start saving!

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