Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Living Grace is Constantly Going Green!

Since we are called to be good Stewards of God's earth, it makes sense we would look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

The new grocery tote bags that are available just about everywhere you look are one way to start. Living Grace has lots of affordable styles to choose from. My favorite is the one with the message "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it." It's a great bag for carrying extra Bibles and lesson plans to Sunday School and the added bonus is it is made from recycled material.

Another idea I think people are really buying into is the reusable water bottles. I used to buy cases of water bottles for my family, and although we did 'recycle' them; one day the light just went on and I realized, how many fewer bottles would we use if we just filled our own and reused them? We will be introducing 10 new water bottles in our January catalog and they all have a Christian message.

Recycling is good, but taking it one step further and figuring out how we can use less stuff is the next step. In the Creation Story we are told to take care of the earth. With God's will and our obedience to his word, I think we can do better and be greener! Keep up the great work!

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